Stratis cryptocurrency – uniqueness of the concept, STRAT course and prospects

Relatively recently, the problem of cryptographic money began to rapidly enter into regular use. In the modern world, everyone can earn through mining or other operations in the cryptocurrency market.

“Demand creates supply” – this undeniable truth fully characterizes the current state of affairs in this financial segment. A large selection implies responsibility for correctly solved tasks. The more options, the more difficult it is to decide.

Stratis cryptocurrency is a completely new tool in the digital financial business.

There are a lot of currencies, but this development attracts attention with its unique concept. This feature, of course, will interest many.

Stratis story

The birth and first year of Stratis’s history went virtually unnoticed. She rose to her feet and began to walk confidently only in the spring of 2017. The results of formation and growth have become not only noticeable but also very impressive. From the beginning of the summer days of the current year, the gait only increased and strengthened in optimistic positions.

The bright and rapid rise of the new coin made it very interesting and attractive for miners. Professional crypto market players gave her very positive ratings, drawing some parallels with the “early” Ethereum.

At the end of 2017, the Stratis cryptocurrency deservedly occupies a leading position and actively attracts investors. The initial price has increased a hundred times. The growth rate of Stratis against the dollar for one month amounted to 16.32%.

Users and miners, who paid attention to Stratis in the first year of her life and made even small investments rest on their laurels, calculate profits and confidently look to the future. Microsoft became interested in technology, which became indisputable proof of the excellent perspective of the Stratis cryptocurrency.

It should be noted that the Stratis cryptocurrency is more the basis for the operation of applications on the blockchain than an electronic coin in the classical sense.

The availability and prevalence of blockchain technologies not only among professionals but also for companies of different levels and ordinary users – these are tasks for most cryptocurrency projects. These technologies have a future, but now only narrow specialists can be involved in the cryptocurrency business, which significantly slows down the development of projects.

The creators of Stratis focused on creating accessible, understandable technology. Problems in the preparation of applications, development, and testing are completely eliminated thanks to the conceptual features of the crypt. Developers offer financial companies a complete package of tools on the blockchain and are always ready to provide assistance in the form of advice and technical support.

NET and C #. – a distinctive feature of the platform. Application development and the organic transition to a new programming language, software improvement open access for a very wide circle of specialists. And one more important argument: the blockchain successfully works for protection and stabilization in the light of the latest updates.

Cryptocurrency mining STRAT

Nobody can “dig up” a coin. Thanks to the PoS (Proof-of-Stake) algorithm, the currency works only on ownership. The system is focused on the distribution of money among owners. Lucky for those who have more of these crypto coins. In this case, Stratis mining is completely unavailable. But forging is always welcome. When creating a wallet, it is also necessary to take into account all the subtleties. Along with general tasks, there should be a function for handling Staking.

Cryptocurrency STRAT – rules for the purchase and use

Mining Stratis is completely ruled out. By honest work, these coins are not mined, but I really want to own them. What to do? How to earn Stratis?

Register on one of the cryptocurrency exchanges ( Poloniex, HitBTC, Bittrex, etc.) and perform the classic purchase or exchange procedure. Earnings of Stratis is a direct work of cryptocurrency, a kind of growth in stocks in price.

Payments made using Strat is not possible. But exchange for any crypto or fiat money is always available and possible.

Stratis Wallet

Material banknotes can be stored in different places: in banks, both financial and glass, in a closet or wallet, and for crypto coins, a crypto wallet is always necessary. No electronic coin can do without electronic storage that takes into account the features and nature of the crypt. But the developers of Stratis took care of the users and present several options for the “purse”.

  • StratisX Wallet is equipped with standard features and has synchronization with Staking;
  • Electrum Wallet – a lightweight, convenient and affordable version with a slight flaw – large revenues from PoS are impossible;
  • Ledger Nano S – a hardware wallet, provides and guarantees super reliability;
  • Breeze Wallet – based on C #. Successful synchronization with Bitcoin, convenient exchange processes between currencies.

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