Stratis cryptocurrency Part 2

Future Stratis Prospects

The first reason to say that Stratis is promising is the important fact that Microsoft is interested in the advances in this crypto unit. The conceptual principles of the Stratis platform interested the giant Microsoft, and the consequence of this interest was the addition of the young STRAT cryptocurrency platform to Microsoft Azure BaaS. In the forecasts, making Stratis will be easy, affordable and understandable enough, which will allow you to use blockchain technology faster and with minimal investment. As a result, the wide use of the platform capabilities and the prospects of Stratis will be ensured.

The second trick is the relative identity of Stratis and Ethereum. Uninitiated users can conclude that both currencies will simply disappear. But experts argue for increased healthy competition, which will entail natural growth and development.

It should also be noted that the STRAT rate has grown rapidly lately and has added this crypto to the top 16. Stratis capitalization for today is $ 500 million.

Current Stratis exchange rate for the dollar:

Coin Functions

Stratis is a new invention that has become a bridge between the old, obsolete centralized crypto world and the new non-stereotyped decentralized system. A promising and quite real task of the new platform is to unite and gradually transition to new, more progressive paths of all financial corporations.

The similarity of Stratis and Ethereum allows the transitions and operations of the old crypto world through the new tool. The air, in comparison with Stratis, is very laborious and overloaded. Stratis enters the market and confidently conquers it thanks to its simplicity and affordability.

But to overcome the conservatism of the financial crypto market, both technologists successfully complement each other and coexist favorably, providing alternative solutions to problems for consumers. Time-tested Ether works to promote a new cryptocurrency, and Stratis successfully influences the development of cryptocurrencies in general and Ethereum in particular.

Blockchain technology is available to a very small percentage of users, but over time this figure will begin to increase rapidly. It is Stratis who will be the founder of all technological solutions for the future cryptocurrency market.

Advantages of the Stratis currency:

  • a revolutionary approach to technological solutions;
  • perspective investment, profitable investment;
  • the work is aimed at creating anonymity and confidentiality (TumbleBit protocol);
  • Excellent Stratis capitalization.

The only drawback is some limited elimination and application. But this disadvantage is more than compensated by the prospectivity and ease of exchange for other currencies, the simplicity, and convenience of a Stratis wallet.

STRAT will be the first crypto unit to enter our daily lives tightly. All the tasks facing developers of cryptocurrencies are reduced to the already implemented Stratis: adaptation, simplification, synchronization with the crypto world “dinosaurs” and the possibility of actively using Blockchain technology for everyone.

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