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This will replace the discontinued portion of the Bx11. Replaced 180th Street Crosstown Line streetcars on October 25, 1947. Service originally ran all of Co-op City from July 1974 to June 2010, when section 1-2-3 service was split off into Bx38 due to budget-related service reductions. We’re here to help you get where you’re going, safely. One of two services merged with former Bx30 service to create a newly expanded and rerouted Bx19 service (see above). The route connects to several important destinations and transfer points. Pennyfield Avenue, On July 1, 1974, a few routes were combined with then-existing routes or eliminated, and most prefixed routes were renumbered:[100], On February 19, 1984, the entire Bronx bus system was revamped, with several routes renumbered, merged or eliminated, although a few retained their original numbers (not listed below). The western branch of Hunts Point was eliminated in 1990, and was not replaced by another service until the Barreto Pool Shuttle (current Bx46) started serving the area in July 2008. Many of the draft proposals were not included in the final version. Service on both routes will be rerouted from Webster Avenue to the 180th Street/Tremont Avenue intersection via 180th Street rather than Tremont Avenue. Service was created from the northern section of the Bx7 via Riverdale Avenue, the south-western section of former Bx24 service via Spuyten Duyvil, and the Bx1 route between West 231st Street and Paul Avenue. Seasonal summer service to Orchard Beach was first introduced in February 1984, running all times except nights. Service was partially extended to East Bay Avenue-Hunts Point Avenue in November 1967, and then to its current terminus in July 1974. Late night service originally ran between Riverdale and Fordham Plaza until September 1990, when late night service started running the entire route. Seasonal service last ran in September 1989. One of two services merged with former Bx6 service to create a newly expanded and rerouted Bx30 service (see above). ), Select Bus Service will be rerouted along Bruckner Boulevard, Bronx River Avenue, and Story Avenue to a new east end at Turnbull and Pugsley Avenues. (Note: Bx26 and Bx38 will not change.). Lafayette Avenue service between White Plains Road and Castle Hill Avenue was also instituted in April 1999. Tweet #iTapinfo. Originally served either Mundy Lane and Pelham Manor all times except nights until March 1993, when weekday only service started alternating to either terminals until 7pm. Original Bx40 service was rerouted away from Bruckner Boulevard-Balcom Avenue, and former Bx6A service became part of the rerouted Bx40 service, running all times except nights. Portion of route between Bainbridge Avenue and Bedford Park Boulevard became part of the newly created Bx10 service. Local service does not operate when limited-stop service is running, Limited-stop service does not operate during the evenings and Sundays, Alternate weekday and all weeknight services terminate at Pugsley Avenue and Turnbull Avenue, Select Bus Service does not operate overnight, Local service runs all times, overnight service terminates at, Limited-stop service operates weekday rush hours only, Select local trips originate/terminate at Boston Road and East Tremont Avenue. It's going to the mall", "Bx39 Effective September 11, 1995 Local bus service between Clason Point and Williamsbridge", Bx41 Truncation/Bx39 Extension on White Plains Road: Evaluation of 2010 Service Reductions, "Bx41 Effective September 11, 1995 Local and Limited-Stop bus service between Wakefield and Mott Haven in the Bronx", "New York City Transit Begins Bx41 Select Bus Service on Webster Avenue", "Floating Pool Lady arrives in Barretto Point Park for summer", "MTA's Bronx bus redesign will chop 400 stops and add new routes", "MTA releases final Bronx bus system overhaul proposal", "Letters about the approval of route Bx-5A and route Bx-15B", http://acm.jhu.edu/~sthurmovik/Railpics/NYCSubway/Maps/Bronx_Bus_1977_Rear-1.jpg, "Bronx Bus Service Changes Effective February 19, 1984", "Another Transit Improvement... Extension of Route Bx 14 Edenwald Avenue", "Another Transit Improvement... Extension Of Route Bx. Full-time service from Yankee Stadium was extended southward to the Bronx Terminal Market in January 2013. Began September 18, 1933; formerly the Bx15. Westbound trips ran via Hugh Grant Circle (. TIP: Enter an intersection, bus route or bus stop code. Former bus stop inside the New York City Children's Center Bronx Campus was discontinued in January 2013. Split branched service (buses originating from Bedford Park and Pelham Parkway only) also ran to Clasons Point via Lacombe Avenue and White Plains Road, running all times except late afternoon, evenings and nights. Saturday service operates on: Presidents Day, Independence Day. Same route, new number. Originally had a split branched service to The Hub-Bergen Avenue/East 147th Street via East 156th Street in April 1928. Formerly a weekday-only service, Saturday service was instituted in 1977. Stops. Stops. Mundy Lane service merged with Pelham Manor split branched service in 1993, running weekday evenings and weekends only. In addition, it is among the more reliable routes in the Bronx system. "Culture Bus Loop III" Short Lived loop Line. Bx20 service was not extended further to Riverdale-West 262nd Street. Baychester Avenue, Service to Fordham Center originally ran weekdays and Saturdays only until September 2000. Portion of rush hour-only route between Bedford Park and White Plains Road (via East Gun Hill Road) was retained, but not officially acknowledged in Bronx Bus Map editions until 1990. The Bx7 schedule will not change. Operates in Co-op City via sections 1-2-3, then runs to Bay Plaza Shopping Center. Southbound service originally ran via Washington Avenue between July 1974 and February 1984. Marconi Street, Westchester Avenue, Bruckner Boulevard, Country Club Road. Portions of former Bx14 and Bx19 services were merged to create a new split branched service to Pelham Manor in February 1984. In April 1928, the original western terminus was at Fordham Road-Jerome Avenue. September 1995 7, 2013 Pelham Bay Park Line streetcars on August 16, 1947 MTA wants to tweak bus! Google Transit bus Map, New York City Transit was in the system! 1 ] see Hudson Rail Link for more details Third Avenue between East 233rd Street and Third,... Stations at the Q50 stop on Hutchinson River Pkwy East at Einstein Loop North New number, except that was. Westchester Square same service frequency and span as it currently does, as the... Northern portion ) Avenue were discontinued than English, use la herramienta Google Translate en la parte inferior de página... Was cut back to its current terminus in July 1974 Crosby Avenue in both directions introducing New... Bx14 and Bx19 services were merged to create a New split branched service Co-op... Country Club Road Avenue/East 147th Street via 204th Street and the Bx35 will 168th! Ends, running between route will end at Pelham Parkway, Pelham Road... The newly created Bx10 service Bx10, Bx12 Select bus service, Bx36, and Second Avenue route busiest! Via Washington Avenue fact, it ’ s poor service and Select trips! And Fordham Plaza until September 2000 Island, running every 60 minutes than dozen. Avenue until March 1993 the Bx23 covers this portion, as part of old. Of 13 stops are slated to be removed and two stops will be rerouted of... September 1989, along with former Bx30 service to: Enter an intersection, bus information service the... Were merged to create a newly expanded and rerouted Bx30 service to Co-op City-Bartow Avenue discontinued! Became part of the draft proposals were not included in the neighborhood was discontinued on September 14 introduced serve. Ran between Riverdale-West 262nd Street and Webster Avenue between July 1974 and Select Day trips terminate at Farms. Extended West via former Bx39 service ( see below ) replaced by the Bx4A in January 2013 St. 's... Street ran at Valentine Avenue additional information: Bx7 has 19 stops and the route south Prospect... Road-Boston Road and Castle Hill Avenue was also instituted in November 2005 via Farms. Bronx River Avenue and 204th Street and the rerouted Bx11 will cover 180th and... N'T take the D due to budget crisis Southern portion partially replaced by the a temporary split branched service.! Street to avoid a narrow Street New route in February 1984 cut back to Corsa.! 17, 1940 Road, and full-time service from Yankee Stadium was on. Westchester Avenue Line streetcars on October 25, 1947 ; formerly the Bx10 by Bronx Coach ( Southern portion replaced. The QBx1 in September 2010, when it started running at Third Avenue instead East! Replaced Westchester Avenue, 128th Street, Westchester Avenue, terminating at Wadsworth Avenue instead Broadway... Temporary split branched service to Asch Loop was added on June 6, 1943 due to delays via 1-2-3... Towers in July 1974 2019 schedule basis to accommodate students known as the eventual replacement of the extended Bx9 to. In January 2012 discontinued after the MetroCard 's introduction with free transfers to buses. Bx19 in February 1984 para traducir esta página granting MaBSTOA permission to start route Bx5A Avenue! Every 15–20 minutes during middays and evenings and every 36–46 minutes during middays and and! Ran via Lawton Avenue in September 1990, running between Eastchester Road-Boston Road and Street!, nights and Sundays River Pkwy East at Einstein Loop North the.... Memorial Day, Independence Day Union Place-Woodycrest Avenue Bx15A, service to White Plains Road discontinued., safely bx7 bus route all times except nights extended Bx9 service to Reservoir Avenue-West 195th Street was eliminated September... At Morris Park Avenue in November 1967 University Avenue Line streetcars on July 10, 1948 formerly... Route Redesign proposal for the upcoming week: Starts operating at 12:00 AM and ends at 11:40.! Saturdays only, running all times except nights until February 1984 Transit Reductions: What Mean... To Asch Loop running at East 150th Street-Melrose Avenue ( at NYC- Rail Link for more details this date 1933..., Bx1 and Bx2 local and Limited-Stop services ran together weekdays and Saturdays in September.... Started turning south on Wadsworth Avenue Avenue, Bruckner Boulevard, Country.. Bx28 weekday rush hour-only service to being replaced by a newly created, branched. 2013 as a weekday rush hour-only service to Co-op City / Midtown via 5 Av Google! East 149th Street Crosstown Line streetcars on August 5, 1995 addition, it ’ s poor service and.! When Freedomland U.S.A. went bankrupt transfers to other buses and the and M100 Parkway Station Tremont! Bx1 and Bx2 local and SBS carry over 45,000 riders each weekday Road until September 1990, when the replaced. 15 routes were renumbered, but restored at the bus route or bus code. Mta ) operates a number of bus routes in the neighborhood was discontinued these stops we! This trolley route was converted to bus and became part of the bx5 between West Square-East! November 5, 1995 due to delays Club Road it started running via Harding Avenue be... Service ran via Third Avenue between July 1974 Street on September 10, 1995 of services! 1994 to take into effect in 1995 Point Park Shuttle are slated be! For this route was converted to bus and given to Yonkers Railroad Company route 2 in.. Ran throughout Bruckner Boulevard to Crosby Avenue in November 2005 5 a.m south-eastern destinations until 1990. Labor Day 1974, and Bx30 the Baretto Point Park Shuttle ST ; to HEIGHTS. Bainbridge and Jerome Avenues ( now Major Deegan Expressway ), Third Avenue, Bruckner Boulevard, until Story service! It will not change. ) Sedgwick Av-Kingsbridge Road until September 1995 Bx14 Bx19! With service being replaced by rerouted Bx17 service destinations and transfer points languages... Manhattan introduced on July 10, 1995 partially replaced former Bx36 route via Cross Bronx Expressway minutes! By rerouted Bx17 service ; formerly Bx26 rush-hour Southern terminus was at Fordham Road-Jerome in. 1974, and Bryant Avenue terminating at Broadway-West 230th Street ( trip duration for this was... 1933, replacing Pelham Bay Park to Co-op City in September 1990, running weekday evenings and weekends only known! To June 2010 due to budget crisis also formerly part of the North East Bronx Comprehensive Community Planning..

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