SALT cryptocurrency – nuances and principles, course appreciation and prospects

Salt cryptocurrency is a successful result of the Salt Lending project. At this site, everyone can easily get a loan. Banking organizations in the classical sense of lending are rapidly fading into the background. Individualization, decentralization is the main principles of a cryptocurrency credit resource. The methods of borrowing funds have completely turned the lending approach upside down. The client returns the funds when he improves his financial situation. This approach to making money is becoming very popular and gaining momentum.

SALT cryptocurrency history

When writing the source code, the creators of the salad literally dropped off on the project and launched this unique lending platform in the summer of 2016. In the coming days, a full version with updated functionality is planned. Over the first two to three months of operation, a fairly impressive amount of investments in the history of SALT was received – more than $ 1 billion. Due diligence was passed at a high level and quality, the participation of venture funds as sponsors became the main support.

SALT involves various categories of project membership. However, you can only buy membership thanks to the internal cryptocurrency SALT. At the moment, the sale of this cryptocurrency is closed. First buyers had an 85% discount. This figure was gradually and steadily declining: the initial two million left at three dollars (with a 70% discount). Another one and a half million units were sold for $ 5 (discount – 50%). The last million before the abolition of privileges was sold for seven and a half dollars (25% discount). Only then was the SALT rate established: 1 token, equal to 10 dollars. The owner of one token has constant access to the resource and has a loan right of up to $ 10,000. The process of issuing loans is gaining momentum and is becoming available to more users.

The team of experienced and advanced developers of Salt has 25 people, five of them became partners and established a cryptocurrency project. The team of project participants has great potential and has sufficient experience in cryptocurrency business:

  1. Shawn Owen is an experienced, ambitious, with inexplicable experience in managing megaprojects. He thoroughly studied and applies blockchain technology for more than six years. Initially leads the project;
  2. Phil Cowan is a developer and graphic designer with tremendous experience in the world’s largest companies. “Ate the teeth” for 17 years of experience in creating various software. The project performs the functions of a technical director, is responsible for the capitalization of SALT;
  3. Ben Yablon – the main strategist of the project, responsible for the regulatory expertise of technologies in the financial system;
  4. Eric Voorhees himself, who had a hand in creating SpaceShift and Satoshi Days, is the head of the board of directors.

Features and principle of operation

Clients take or lend electronic assets, the main unit of debt is the electronic coins of this crypto. The collateral for the loan is your own virtual currency savings. The resource works on strengthening and creating liquidity of virtual money without selling and exchanging. Using this fairly new platform, owners can unconditionally access personal assets. Only taxes and commission fees for conversion will be binding.

The main and only condition for participating in the loan project is the purchase of SALT tokens. Loan volumes are directly proportional to the number of tokens invested by the user. The loss of relevance of the concept of “credit rating” has made the loan system universal and equally beneficial for borrowers and lenders. Cryptocurrency volatility increases lenders’ capital. At the same time, the funds given to the loan have excellent insurance in case of a collapse on the cryptocurrency exchange and are guaranteed to bring 20% ​​of the profit per year.

Over 120 million tokens – officially declared volume of issue. Only the part that is not mortgaged and located on the site for sale can become a cryptocurrency asset.

The period before cryptocurrency crowdfunding is over. Already, membership fees are being received on the platform through personal accounts. An indisputable indicator of prospects can be the increased cost of a unit up to $ 25. Membership approval goes through certain stages. If the result is positive, the user will receive an e-mail by personal e-mail.

25 thousand units – the volume provided for beginner community members. In turn, the Premier category has access to 100 thousand dollars, and Enterprise – 1 million. Members of the Enterprise category receive a company ledger. At the same time, official membership lasts one year. Customers will be able to cash SALT coins only after making a certain amount and choosing a category in accordance with the current cryptocurrency rate.

Current SALT rate to the dollar for today.

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