Riecoin cryptocurrency – perspectives of an old idea

The RIC cryptocurrency appeared in February 2014, and it can no longer be said that this is new. The developers note that Riecoin is a completely unique ranking network that does not have one central management body. She also has no intermediaries, which, according to the creators of the currency, networks are completely unnecessary. At the moment, the Riecoin wallet remains unavailable, but its balance can be viewed on those exchanges that support the hard fork protocol.

These are the results of the Rejoin cryptocurrency by December of this year. The API of this network is completely identical to the API that Bitcoin now has – the most famous and expensive cryptocurrency in the world at the moment. The developers did not come up with something radically new and decided to use the already proven protocol of the top network, which was also taken from Bitcoin. Of course, programmers modified it somewhat, but the main essence remained the same. Now network members can earn crypto money for their wallets, setting specific goals for themselves and gradually achieving them. The focus of the new e-currency on a narrow audience served as the main factor for its easy start and quick sympathy for the inhabitants in different countries.

The main strength of Riecoin lies in numerous users, developers and, of course, miners, which are scattered around the world. They are led by the creator of Riecoin, hiding under the pseudonym gatra. It was with him in 2014 that the history of Riecoin began. Currency trading symbol – RIC. The system conducts many anonymous transactions and guarantees absolutely safe transfers for everyone. All this happens very quickly, despite the fact that the coins are not yet tied to any one exchange. They are available to users anywhere in the world. The development team is always happy to share technical points and ideas with all its users.

The main features of the cryptocurrency Riecoin

The main task of the developers of new cryptocurrencies is to provide miners with the opportunity to mine cryptocurrency with the help of graphic processors, and not Eirik. This has its advantages, among which:

  • ASIC bypass
  • work with graphic processes;
  • increase in the number of users of the system;
  • decentralized mining of coins;
  • positive prospects for Riecoin;
  • large-scale capitalization of Riecoin;
  • the reduced influence of large companies on Rekoin.

The Rekoin cryptocurrency, despite its similarity with Bitcoin, still tries to differ from it. Bitcoin is somewhat centralized, and this is what other crypto money developers are trying to avoid. The creators really want that in the history of Koin there was not a single mention of centralization. Currently, the number of Rekoin coins is 84 million. This figure is much larger than Bitcoin, which now has 21 million units. The block cycle is 288. This means that the number of blocks from one conversion to another is 288. Block production takes about ten minutes. At the time of the separation of Bitcoin and the branch of Bikoin Cash, users received free coins for their Rekoin wallets. Krieyters are also striving for this – so that miners receive coins on their Riecoin wallets. Despite the fact that cryptocurrency appeared three years ago, she is considered new. Even more, information can be found on the official cryptocurrency website.

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