Riecoin cryptocurrency Part 2

Technical aspects of Riecoin

The main and decisive difference in the code, which helps to distinguish rekoin from the general “crowd” of cryptocurrencies, is a completely different mining algorithm. It is called CPU mining and is actively working. It is noted for its significant resistance to chips of the ASIC system. Recently, ASIC miners have become the main problem of Bitcoins. This conclusion was reached by representatives of the Bitcoin team. The main problem of ASIC is that crypto coins accumulate in the hands of a certain number of miners and do not spread further. Because resistance to their chips can be key to the creator of Riecoin.

The new cryptocurrency differs from other electronic currencies not only in its unique algorithm of work. It can bring additional benefits by solving a complex mathematical problem. Users of this cryptocurrency do not just mine virtual RIC coins – they also look for a sequence of primes. This allows the creators of RIC to fuel interest in new crypto money.

This decision directly confirms the hypothesis that primes are related. Previously, the hypothesis was recognized as one of the most difficult tasks of the 21st century. A private institution located in the United States offers one million US dollars for this task. Interestingly, Riecoin’s virtual money is not going to find confirmation, but a refutation of this hypothesis.

Currency has a real value in the market, and the calculations that a computer makes while mining crypto coins are scientifically valuable. At the same time, miners, as usual, do their job of earning coins. At the same time, the Riecoin exchange rate always remains stable. The system guarantees that the production rate will not change, remaining at the level of one block in ten minutes.

RIC mining features

The share of the pair for mining Riecoin in the cryptocurrency markets reflects which percentage of the total number of transactions the transactions in each specific pair will occupy. In fact, you can see which pair has the most transactions with Riecoin virtual currency. The volume of trade transactions for Riecoin over the past day is calculated at the rate of one Bitcoin to the US dollar. The trading volume in rubles for 24 hours is also calculated relative to the dollar. The course update time can be seen on sites where tables with the most relevant useful information are presented.

Now for mining, the proofreading algorithm is used. After this algorithm is replaced, mining on devices using ASICs will fail. This solution has the support of many developers.

The updated formula allows you to mine Rekoins from virtually any computer. This is possible when redistributing the load on many different packages. As a result, we get much more efficient mining. The list of free pools is constantly growing, and among them, there are many well-known pools. The requirements for Rekoin wallets are also somewhat simplified along with the software. Now they have become like this:

  • PC with Windows7 and higher;
  • 4 gigabytes of memory;
  • a small amount of memory;
  • properly installed device drivers.

The future prospects of the cryptocurrency Riecoin

The new project was announced in 2014. Then there were some doubts about the good start of the RIC cryptocurrency, but now it is clear that it has good prospects. The creators were not mistaken in their calculations and their future plans. Now the RIC rate has stabilized noticeably.

Reicoin Current Dollar Rate:

Its advantages in solving a difficult mathematical problem are visible to everyone. They can help many users. This is its main difference from Bitcoin, which has a backup in the form of Bitcoin Gold and the previously reviewed Bitcoin Cash. Now they do not exclude the possibility that new crypto coins will soon be able to join the main Bitcoin. It remains to solve the problems that have arisen due to the ASIC monopoly. Recall that Riecoin coins absorbed all the main advantages of cryptocurrencies: the anonymity of payments, decentralization, independence from the regulatory authority and the state.

Next year, pools and Rekoin wallets will be updated. Analysts believe that it will be possible to talk completely about the prospects for mining Riecoin no earlier than February 2018. Now cryptocurrency continues to seek investments for its main projects. We must not miss this moment, because the favor of the retail space is very changeable.

Thus, the prospect of virtual currency will develop simultaneously in two directions: an investment and payment tool for miners and a solution to the mathematical riddle of the century. If this happens, the Riecoin cryptocurrency will become known throughout the world and gain stability.

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