RegalCoin cryptocurrency Part 2

RegalCoin Wallet

At this stage, users are offered a choice of two available RegalCoin wallet options for using the electronic currency. The Binary Coin platform can only work with electronic services. The most acceptable and easy to use is My EtherWallet, while the user can register any other that is convenient for him.

After registration, you will need to synchronize with Ether Delta and begin familiarizing yourself with the ECOSYSTEM OPBINARY system. Creating a Regalkoin wallet will help you make transactions quickly and efficiently, without leaving your apartment.

Exchange, purchase and how to get REC

The developers did not specify the chronology of actions at the end of the ICO, investors, and buyers of their choice can proceed with mining or landing procedures.

  • Step-by-step instruction:
  • Register an electronic wallet MetaMask or My Ether Wallet, Regalkin wallet.
  • Binding to the BINARYCOIN portal.
  • Upon completion of the ICO, REC coins will be automatically sent to the electronic wallet account.
  • It is necessary to synchronize these systems, for this, you must first create a personal account on the Ether Delta platform.
  • A distinctive feature of the service is the ability to create an unlimited number of personal accounts on the portal in order to increase the chances of making a profit
  • A commission is charged for each transaction, which means that a certain starting sum should be put on the electronic wallet.

In order to develop and profit, the developers identified the growth categories of portal users. At the moment, using the Regalkoin-Wallet service, you can: exchange, buy and sell coins, withdraw funds from the virtual world to the real one. For this, a new generation smart program has been developed.

Ways to Earn RegalCoin

Earn Regalkoins and make a profit from using cryptocurrency is simple, for this you should use the landing page. The shelf life of funds is 30, 60 and 90 days. In this case, interest is accrued. Regalkoin mining occurs without human intervention. At the end of the deposit period, the loan body and interest are credited to the electronic wallet, and you can resume the operation an unlimited number of times.

In order to sell coins after mining RegalCoin, it is worth specifying the number of ethers and the commission in the designated fields. Then you need to look at the lists of players on the exchange that carry out operations in real-time. Coin seller transactions will be highlighted in red, and buyers will be highlighted in green.

Growth scale

  1. 30 days – a deposit from 5001 USD, will bring a profit of 45%;

60 days of storage will bring a reward of 95%;

90 – the maximum amount of remuneration will be 135%.

This category gives the investor the title of Master.

  • Landing with a deposit of 2501 USD – 5000 USD

30 days – 40%

60 – 85%

90 – 125%

Awarded the title of Professional

  • Deposit in the amount of 1001 – 2500 USD

For a deposit of 30 days – 35%

60 – 75%

90 – 115% respectively

Contributor Gets Amateur

  • Landing with a contribution in the amount of 500 – 1000 USD will bring the user the following amounts of rewards:

30 days – 30%

60 – 65%

90 – 105%

At the end of the three-month period, a profit will appear on the body of the deposit and the depositor will receive a Trader experience level.

Regalcoin creator allowed to become a successful investor, submit coins and earn RegalCoin. The history of regal coin is very simple, its appearance on the market was caused by the creation of a new tool for making money in the electronic world.

Experience and careful study of the capabilities of the service will allow you to quickly adapt and influence the RegalCoin course. Prospects RegalCoin is broad and is becoming accessible to a large number of people.

The use of smart contracts allows you to speed up the processing of information and increase the efficiency of operations. Mining Regalkoin allows you to actively receive and withdraw funds, and landing allows you to make a profit without spending much effort, with enough patience.

The cryptocurrency creators’ agenda is to assign Regalkoin another abbreviated name, as the cryptocurrency ticker REC is already occupied by another Bright Coin analog electronic currency.

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