RegalCoin cryptocurrency – how promising is the Regalcoin coin

The RegalCoin cryptocurrency in the digital world is considered an analog of the dollar and a competitor to the world-famous Bitcoin. Its appearance has been favored by users, and it has become widespread among the consumer masses.

RegalCoin cryptocurrency review

The observable cryptocurrency RegalCoin is a new payment system, it is considered as a new type of commodity-money relations, available only in the digital world. Has a lot in common with the parent version of bitcoin.

History of RegalCoin

The history of Regalkoin is simple: ICO started in September. The initial value of the coins was 10 US dollars. Later, users could observe rate fluctuations ranging from $ 40 to $ 70 per coin, the peak in price appreciation was $ 90. The creator of Regalkoin chose a model that already exists on the Internet and qualitatively improved it.

The program of implementation and strengthening of the new cryptocurrency

The life of financial pyramids is short, the longer the financial pyramid operates and accumulates deposits, the higher the likelihood that it will cease to exist in speed and all savings will be lost.

In the world, Bitcoin and Regalkoin are not very different, the difference remains in their capabilities and price. Due to the fact that the RegalCoin cryptocurrency has been on the investment market for a couple of months, the price is still not high. This platform was developed for money transfer, fast transactions, interest accumulation.

A system of rewards for the storage period is provided for the storage of their contributions on the platform. This storage period is for periods from 15 minutes to 365 days. The maximum shelf life of savings is 1 year and brings a fee of 10% of the dividends invested.

At the moment, the turnover of cryptocurrency Regalkoin is 27 million coins. In order to be able to withdraw currency to the real world, you need to attach the platform to a wallet, and the wallet, in turn, to a bank card.

The ICO program was supposed to be held within a month, from November 1 to November 30 inclusive.

Features and principles of work

In order to start working on the platform and begin the capitalization of Regalkoin, it is necessary to register in the form of a standard form. Guaranteed quality and high speed of transactions and anonymity at all stages of operations.

Difference between REC and BTC

Cryptocurrencies appeared relatively recently, while very quickly they became a popular and profitable tool for making a profit, which is accrued only in foreign currency equivalent. At the same time, the developers did not stop at the active use of this electronic currency and created more than a thousand other types.

CoinMarketCap – Forbes conducted a study and found that currently the total amount of invested funds in electronic form is $ 133 billion.

Ethereum (ether) is a type of currency that is widely implemented among smart contracts. This name of the electronic currency was proposed by Vitaly Buterin, and the history of Regalkoin began. The main difference between the Regalkoin cryptocurrency and Bitcoin is that the second type has no time limits or the number of coins purchased.

The principle of the smart contract is that the rate is held until the final fulfillment of all the terms of the contract, after which the commission is removed and interest is calculated.

In the future, they want to use smart contracts in accounting, logistics, and law. At times, the human influence on the process is reduced and the transparency of operations is guaranteed.

Regalkoin course forecasts

When the REC coin goes to an external exchange, a landing program is launched, which is a new type of deposit program. After the end of the ICO, the developers left the platform users without further guidance regarding the procedures for making a profit. The forecast for the RegalCoin exchange rate and supply-demand is ambiguous: some experts believe that the demand for REC cryptocurrency coins in the first days of active exchange operations will not be high.

The creators signed a smart contract ERC20. In everyday life, investors and buyers is 9.5 million dollars. The remaining amount of funds, which will be $ 10 million, will be sold at auction for private investors.

In the first round, the Regalkoin rate was $ 10.25, in the second – $ 10.50 and the final rate was a bet of $ 10.75. It is she who is set as the price for 1 REC. Forecasts suggest that this value may decrease in accordance with activity on the foreign exchange, and the absence of restrictions will lead to the formation of a class of monopolists who can afford to purchase a large number of coins.

Current Regalcoin exchange rate to the dollar:

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