Internet of people cryptocurrency review – the essence and prospects of IOP

All existing networks are combined into two sections with various properties and tasks. The general map of the area has an extensive list of neighboring nodes. In order not to overload the nodes, the world map selects one node from each region. Cryptocurrency Internet of people – a resource that runs on top of the Internet.

This is something that does not belong to anyone. Peer-to-peer networks and servers are combined without the participation of “third parties”. The connection between the two sides is carried out through TCP. P2P applications work directly, increasing business resources.

P2P economy bases its work on disintermediation, which reduces the cost of transactions indefinitely. These details once again highlight the prospects of the Internet of people. To work, you need to run two glands that have a direct connection. The limitation of disintermediation is time itself. The main advantage is the ability to conduct very cheap financial transactions. At the same time, the IOP capitalization is currently $ 12,640,268.

The cryptocurrency infrastructure of the Internet of people consists of such services.

  1. Hosting profile and other functions that are not transferred from object to object.
  2. Network placement of personal profiles makes it possible to search for each other without the participation of a third party, without restrictions from network operators.

Private networks make a profit in various ways: displaying ads, paying for services, extracting a digital footprint. The iop cryptocurrency is an effective alternative to private networks. Objects independently determine and establish free communication.

The main task of this crypto genesis is the P2P connection of two objects. The second urgent task is to control the independent functioning of profiles with the further possibility to separate applications and tie profiles in social networks.

In addition to software and hardware, the main asset of the IOP cryptocurrency consists of a user base, which cannot be unnoticed and unaccounted for.

Iop cryptocurrency properties

To fully comply with the designated tasks, the cryptocurrency is endowed with the above functions and features:

  1. decentralization (everyone can become owners of nodes, but networks are always in the public domain);
  2. the standard is open and provides the opportunity for everyone to participate in the implementation of network protocols enshrined in company standards;
  3. An open system works for interaction and synchronization, provided that standards are followed;
  4. all, without exception, permissions make it possible to participate in the “game” of any user who wrote the application and launched the node with the appropriate Internet of people wallet;
  5. the network creates control over the speed and direction of development;
  6. iop cryptocurrency belongs to everyone and everyone like air;
  7. iop enables interconnection of mobile gadgets;
  8. running network nodes and servers has an economic justification.


The creator of the IOP cannot be determined. The history of the coin is the history of the development of the virtual world. IoP lives on its own, without setting complex tasks to create and provide services or applications. Also, it does not have a specific binding to anything. The network is used without registration and personification. There is completely no control over applications and devices. Two words define the tasks: search and communication, everything else is built as an application. Each user has the right to develop a corresponding application based on services and run it.

IoP has a two-block base.

  1. IoP nodes – the total number of P2P networks. A certain type of node is used during the implementation by the P2P network of various processes of the physical topology:
    1. a structureless network node ( blockchain – classic );
    1. node with a network address (used as an IPFS fork);
    1. node based on a network location (ensuring privacy through private applications);
    1. network node delay (size depends on time intervals).
  2. IoP servers have clearly defined capabilities and responsibilities:
  3. IoP;
  4. Token Server – able to work on the network as a basic data topology;
  5. Emission Server works on content and address;
  6. The Profile Server allows you to search and verify, all work directly occurs on top of networks and addresses;
  7. The Environment Server uses network hosting and performs online search;
  8. Reputation Server ensures the safety of information over address content;
  9. Stun Server establishes connections over the network;
  10. Turn Server – information transfer due to delay.

IOP mining incentives

Tokens allow you to combine all parts, which perfectly stimulates potential participants in the Internet of people mining. The IoP system involves building a vast ecosystem around all independent networks.

Tokens are aimed at exiting networks, this process allows to qualitatively stimulate participants. In turn, issue servers are working on the production of nodes that can be successfully exchanged for fiat money in the future.

IOP to dollar rate:

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