Internet of people cryptocurrency review Part 2

Similarity and Difference with Bitcoin

IoP is the official offshoot of Bitcoin. Improvement occurs due to additional impositions on standard functions:

  • The mining license has made this crypto more secure for mining.
  • mining stub protects the revolutionary blockchain from unauthorized hacker attacks and introduces decentralization elements.
  • Deposit agreement – the introduction of a system of vote accounting. This property has been available for about a year.

The developers plan to follow innovations at the blockchain level, creating a superstable system with the ability to mine the Internet of people and using a wallet. In order to upgrade without risk to the system, the current system is divided into three parts:

  • issue server;
  • token server;
  • basic P2P network.

At the moment, you can make changes and search with a full guarantee of protection against failures and unauthorized attacks at all stages of storage and production of IOP.

Prospects for Internet of people and mechanisms for obtaining coins

Random POS, filtered POW mining is the extraction of coins without issuing new ones. This approach allows everyone to my Internet of people.

Mining can be done by a user whose capabilities meet such requirements.

  1. May represent 1 IoP token. A coin is required for a transaction.
  2. Has the code of the participant of mining 2016 blocks.
  3. His transaction includes the so-called subscription fee for the right to mine.
  4. It has two addresses of the same getter user for transactions.
  5. Confirm the key after the 2016 blocks.
  6. Will hold POS 4032 more blocks in a row.
  7. After mining block 2016, the miner leaves the list.

The process of work and mining of kaolin is completely dependent on a random choice and works according to a well-defined plan.

  1. Coin flipping protocol facilitates the calculation of choice. All participants are included in the list.
  2. POS filter works at 50%, participants are eliminated by the principle of a random string.
  3. The first sweep is the exception of half of the candidates who have less POS weight.
  4. The second sweep – a random line removes another 10% from the game. In the process of this procedure, a list of miners looms for the next block.
  5. The list is updated with the usual calculation of a random string. The updated list becomes a list of promising miners for the next block.
  6. The remaining participants enter the fight only with PoW.
  7. Consensus provides for the signing of a long chain block in order to confirm the reality of the digger.

The Profile Server has its own protocol and works to provide some services:

  • online audit of profiles;
  • control over the opening of communication channels;
  • providing a call to the Service Application in order to signal a readiness to exchange requests.

All Profile servers have economic benefits and are not without goals of increasing the capitalization of Internet of people:

  • environment server and network – a convenient and high-quality location service;
  • reputation server and network – binding of individual profiles in order to increase confidentiality;
  • emission server and network – stimulation of the entire system.

The main points of mining IoP coins:

  • start the mainnet node;
  • be in the top of the rating;
  • Become a member of POS.

IoP is a segment of an extensive project called Fermat. This global concept is based on the idea of ​​combining humanity and the necessary decentralization with the real ability to change the course of the Internet of people in a positive way.

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