Dogecoin (Dogikoin) cryptocurrency review Part 2

DOGE Course Predictions

To date, DOGE is not perceived as a serious competitor to eminent electronic currencies. Many perceive the Dogikoin cryptocurrency as a joke and are afraid to acquire it. However, there are also adherents who liked the cute concept and the cute little doggie face.

Due to the lack of restrictions on the issue of coins, the value of cryptocurrency does not particularly grow, but it does not fall either. The ability to mine independently, without the use of sophisticated equipment, as well as the speed of issuing coins for blocks, do not allow Dogecoin to begin rapid growth.

If the developers decide to return to the idea of ​​a limited supply of coins, of course, the cost of DOGE will increase significantly. Many miners believe that this can happen relatively soon. In this case, there is every chance not only of a significant increase in the rate but also the return of Dogecoin to the top ten cryptocurrencies.

Most participants prefer to extract, but not spend electronic money, because they highly appreciate the prospects of Dogecoin.

Dogecoin Current Dollar Rate:

How to create a Dogecoin wallet

This procedure is carried out either directly on the currency website or using a special application. You can download it on the official website. After downloading, click the Create Wallet button and fill in the fields that appear:

  • Email
  • password;
  • Password confirmation.

The next window displays a personal identifier that provides access to your funds. It must be stored in a safe place or written down in a notebook.

As soon as you open your Dogecoin wallet, the Dogecoin address will be displayed below. It is used for transfers and mining. Also in the application, you can check your current balance, receive notifications of new operations and check their history. In addition, you can maintain your own address book with a list of required wallet owners.

The main drawback of local wallets is the size of the application. After installation and full synchronization, program files will occupy about 20 gigabytes. Of course, there is a lite version of the Multi-application, but many users emphasize its unstable operation.

If you do not have enough free disk space or just the desire to download the application, you can create a wallet directly on the official website. The process is similar to creating a wallet on a computer.

Most users prefer to use local Dogikoin wallets because of their reliability because you should stop working on the website and you will lose all your data.

How to get Dogikoin and where to exchange

Can you earn Dogikoins or exchange other currencies for them?

The main way to get coins is to consider Dogecoin mining. It is this method that underlies the work of all existing cryptocurrencies. But this is not the only method of obtaining coins. Dogecoin can simply be purchased by exchanging other electronic money or funds on a bank card for them.

However, exchanging DOGE for other money is only possible when the withdrawal amount is a multiple of a thousand. The main reason for this restriction is the low price of coins. Perhaps if in the future the course grows significantly, this restriction will decrease.

In any case, an exchange is possible. You can do this on almost any exchange. The course can vary from site to site, as well as the size of fees. To make the selection of the exchanger easier, you can use the renowned BestChange service, where all relevant and, most importantly, verified exchanges are summarized. Moreover, you can view exactly those that work with Dogikoin, as well as find out the exact data on the current rate and exchange conditions.

There are also special crane sites where you can get cryptocurrency. This is true for much electronic money, including Dogecoin. It is worth noting that DOGE is very readily distributed, and the tasks performed are extremely simple – for example, many taps ask for a captcha. The number of such sites is huge – Dogecoin takes second place after Bitcoin in this indicator.

List of famous and honest Dogecoin taps:

  1. Land of dogecoin – every 60 minutes the system gives 5 coins.
  2. Moondoge – gives out coins every 5 minutes.
  3. Free doge – gives out coins every hour. This is one of the most famous and reliable services.
  4. Clixdogecoin – you can get a new portion of money every 120 minutes. From 1 to 750 DOGE is issued at a time.
  5. Dogefaucet – Provides 3.8 DOGE every 15 minutes. The funds received are stored inside the system, the withdrawal is available from 150 coins.

Dogecoin mining features

The main reason that so many users mine this particular cryptocurrency is that it does not need a powerful computer. Any personal computer easily turns into a miner of treasured coins. For most miners, calculating a single block takes about three minutes.

The mining process itself is no different from mining other cryptocurrencies. To get started, you need to have a Dogecoin wallet and installed special software. It is recommended to download it from trusted sites – this way you will secure not only your computer but also your wallet itself.

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