DigixDAO cryptocurrency review – DGD coin features

Cryptocurrency DigixDAO is a fairly new virtual currency, which is based on blockchain technology. It is based on another crypto site – Ethereum. The idea behind DigixDAO is to tokenize gold, which is one of the real assets. These assets are going to be transferred to virtual space in the crypto community for a long time, and these “coins” begin to implement this idea. The user buys gold, which is stored somewhere in the warehouse. It continues to be stored there and thereafter, and the user himself will receive a certain amount of “coins”, which will be confirmation of ownership of this very gold. Naturally, for the storage of precious metal in the warehouse, you have to pay a commission, which is only five dollars a year. Each user has the right to exchange received coins for gold, taking it from a warehouse located in Singapore.

DigixDAO Cryptocurrency History

The issue of “monetization” of precious metals has long excited the minds of developers in this field. That is why the creators of DigixDAO are united in a small group. This saved a lot of time and facilitated the process, allowing you to concentrate on the main thing. So, in February 2016, it was announced that gold is in stock in a small state of Singapore. This marked the launch, which began the history of DigixDAO. The start attracted the attention of investors because the project was not typical and had a strong connection not with something abstract, but with a very real precious metal – gold. And what attracts large investors, it also attracts ordinary users. That is why the cryptocurrency DigixDAO quickly gained popularity and continues to do so until now.

Features and principle of operation

As already mentioned, the DGD cryptocurrency has a close relationship with real gold. For some investors, this is an essential element, because many are still wary of digital media. In addition, the DigixDAO rate, in this case, depends on the gold rate, which can help in forecasting and analytics.

It is worth mentioning that this platform works in a non-standard way. There are two types of “coins” in total:

  • DGX “coin” – digital media reflecting the validity of gold ownership;
  • The DGD “coin” is a coin that allows its holder to take part in the polls that determine the further development vector of the entire platform.

As a result, the main advantage of the DigixDAO cryptocurrency is the economic reinforcement of the value of all “coins” with gold. At the end of the last century, this technology has become obsolete but has found a new applications in the digital space. Of course, such an outcome is quite possible that a fee for the storage of gold will rise, but these fears are at least groundless.

Unlike Bitcoin

The currency itself, as well as mining DigixDAO in particular, is in no way connected with all known Bitcoin. First of all, this is because DGD is based on a completely different platform – Ethereum. Also, a number of features make Digix DAO unique.

  1. Snapping. Digix Dao has a close relationship with precious metals, which reinforces the abstract value of “coins” with a more realistic price for a physical object of a precious type;
  2. Mining DigixDAO is not similar to traditional and represents only receiving a commission for the operation. It turns out that the “coin” brings dividends to its owner, which in direct proportion depends on the number of transactions carried out, and therefore commissions.

DGD Course Predictions

The prospects for DigixDAO are great because its cost does not depend only on the price of gold, but also on the popularity of electronic money because the “coin” is actually a share of the company. Considering that the growth trend is positive, the DigixDAO course leaves its creators and users satisfied.

According to experts, the use of gold attracts investors, because the growth in the price of the “coin” will continue because now it is 121 US dollars. Also, due to the increase in the price of precious metals, the price of DGD is also growing, which further strengthens the position of this currency. The capitalization of DigixDAO has now almost reached two hundred million US dollars, which is a fairly solid indicator, and also established in a fairly short time.

As a result, following the theories of experts, the price of the cryptocurrency will continue to grow next year. At the same time, the growth rate will increase significantly, which will contribute to the development of this site and increase the flow of investors. This fact will make digital money even more popular.

Current DGD to Dollar rate:

System wallet

DigixDAO wallet is registered on the site. Cryptocurrency uses a wallet such as Mist, which is also the main wallet for another site – Ethereum. It is there that you can store two types of “coins” from Digix developers – DGX and DGD.

To get a DigixDao wallet, you must:

  1. Download. On the official Mist website, you can download the necessary version of the wallet – desktop (for various operating systems, including Windows and Linux, as well as macOS) or mobile.
  2. Register online. This is necessary to create a unique wallet address for the user from whom payments will be made or to which transfers will be accepted.
  3. Top-up account. So the user will have on his account DGD.

The whole procedure is standard since the DGD cryptocurrency uses ready-made software operated by Ethereum. Security remains at a high level, especially on a personal computer, where the DigixDao wallet is tied to the IP of the computer and does not allow attackers to carry out transactions.

Where to get DigixDAO

Getting DigixDAO cryptocurrency is quite simple. As with any other, the easiest way is to buy. For this purpose, exchanges and exchangers are used, but it is important to find the one that will have the best exchange rate, and also will not be a resource of scammers and intruders.

How to earn digital currency

There are many ways to get virtual money. The bottom line is that DigixDao’s earnings are practically no different from many other cryptocurrencies, although it has a number of features. So, there are three ways to make money below.

  1. DigixDAO cranes. Almost all cryptocurrencies have crane sites where the user enters captcha for a fee. If you thought that this was a simple and profitable activity, I hasten to disappoint – the profit is really small unless you can build a huge referral network;
  2. Digix Dao mining. It is difficult to call mining, because rather than the generation of new “coins”, it happens rather than receiving a commission for conducting transactions. Some resources of the user’s personal computer are also spent on this, but the procedure belongs to a different kind of process than mining.

Earnings DigixDAO is similar to earning absolutely any cryptocurrency. At the same time, all operations remain standard and user-friendly, despite the uniqueness of the cryptocurrency phenomenon with reference to precious metals.

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