Cryptocurrency Florincoin – a complete review of coins and analysis of perspective

Cryptocurrency Florincoin is a fairly new player in the digital currency market. Like many others, it is based on a technology such as a blockchain . This option remains the most reliable and convenient for use by both developers and users.

At the time of publication of the cryptocurrency material, Florinkoin does not represent competition for the more well-known cryptocurrencies but has a number of features. It is they who can give impetus in the future for the development of the project, especially given the fact that the creators of Florincoin do not stand still and continue to think of ways to attract an audience.

Already now, investors are attracted by various additional features that other cryptocurrencies do not possess, even leading ones, including Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.

History of occurrence

The creator of Florincoin remains unknown. But the project still has trust, because it has open-source code. The history of Florincoin also has no special facts and lies only in the fact that a certain developer gathered a group of people. It was this group that implemented the FLO cryptocurrency, which was based on the source code of the well-known and successful cryptocurrencies Litecoin and Bitcoin. The code was finalized, and new modifications were introduced into the system itself, allowing to increase the speed of transactions and leave comments on their implementation.

Thus, initially, the site did not receive due publicity and, especially, success. But the developers do not stop there, because we can say that the history of Florincoin is only beginning to gain momentum and development.

Features and the principle of the cryptocurrency Florincoin

Cryptocurrency FLO has a number of distinctive features that help to stand out among the total mass of virtual currencies. In this period of time, the digital sphere is marked by fierce competition, because the developers decided to give something new for their users.

The main feature of Florinkoin is the ability to attribute comments when making transactions. Thus, a kind of social network is created, which fully supports its main ability – messaging.

In addition to this, the speed of money transactions is maximum and almost instantaneous, which makes it possible to send messages in real-time.

Florinkoin uses a decentralized structure to protect its network. Thus, each user of the network has equal rights and is one of the elements of an integral mechanism.

The Florincoin cryptocurrency algorithm is called Scrypt and is identical to that used in Bitcoin. This means that Florincoin mining is quite difficult, and most importantly – a costly process in terms of electricity. In addition, the extraction of “coins” is better carried out using specialized equipment, which complicates the possibility of enriching the average user.

By the way, the issue is one hundred sixty million “coins.” Block generation takes only forty seconds, and the algorithm for its formation is provided so that the complexity of Florincoin mining is calculated again for each block.

The authors of the project themselves were not involved in the so-called pre-mining. This means that they did not get “coins” until the official launch of the project. This allows you to get the maximum reward for mining for all first users, and not just developers and their investors, if any.

The project can attract even more investors after the introduction of the Alexandria function. Developers are already creating it. Alexandria’s goal is to support an entire library for the exchange and storage of art, culture and historical relics in digital form. It also means the monetization of all material.

Difference between FLO and BTC

Although Florinkoin is based on the source code of Bitcoin, it has a number of significant differences.

  1. Speed. The time for conducting cash transactions is quite short, almost instantly.
  2. Communication. Support for attaching messages to transactions that creates a kind of analog of a social network, albeit at a primitive level.
  3. Blocks The generation of one block takes less than one minute, and the complexity is calculated again after each mined block.
  4. Emission. Florin coin supports the creation of 160 million “coins”, while Bitcoin is only twenty-one million.

Thus, there are benefits, and yet they are really significant. But they do not affect the rate of Florin coin. Bitcoin is still much more popular, and therefore more profitable both for investors and ordinary users. But over time, everything can change.

Forecasting and course prospects

Current FLO rate to the dollar:

On the day of publication of the review, one “coin” of the Florincoin cryptocurrency has a price of only ten cents. But only six months ago, it was 4 cents. This means a positive development trend, as a result of which the Florincoin rate remains positive and grows two and a half times in five months.

In turn, the introduction of the new Alexandria project will help improve the dynamics of digital currency development, which will entail an accelerated price increase. Do not forget that the price of absolutely all cryptocurrencies is inexorably rising in connection with their popularity.

Of course, Florincoin will not be able to catch up with the flagships of this sphere, but it will certainly be able to become an influential part of its segment, where, in addition to conducting transactions, messages are likely to be in the not so distant future, building successful prospects for Florin coin.

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