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Design NotesDuring its 29-year history, Topaz has become recognized as one of the handful of companies in the nation that can provide a turnkey service for design, development, and production of technical documentation and technical training programs in print or electronic form.


If you are a product manager responsible for a complex instrument or machine, your product needs a technical manual to support operation and maintenance. So how do you insure that the manual will meet the needs of your audience? Read More...

Long gone are the days when every piece of equipment was accompanied by one or more printed manuals. You still get them with some consumer electronics devices and power tools, but it’s becoming a rarity. When is the last time you bought software and received a paper manual? Read More...

Every job needs a plan. In the case of a technical manual, the primary planning document is the outline, which should be the first deliverable developed by the writer once the design concept is firm. Read More...

Ease of development, delivery, and management has merged with increased demand for workforce training to produce a tidal wave of change. To cut cost, reach a scattered audience, and deliver both regulatory and technical training, companies are using learning portals to deliver and manage workforce training from their web sites. Read More...


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